Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007 greetings from Joy and Noel

As we join each year in the celebration of Christ’s birth, the annual letter has become a moment in which we reflect on the year that has passed, and look forward to the coming year. We remember our first family Christmas letter, sent from Michigan USA in 1973, complete with a picture of Noel and me proudly holding our baby Miriam. Over the years that picture has developed, as you know, and this year we are delighted to include our new son-in-law, Alistair Gray, who married our lovely Rebecca earlier this month.

The other highlights for us in the year past include visiting family members in Queensland and New South Wales, as well as being able to welcome loved ones into our home. We enjoyed our month of relaxation and refreshment in January, driving long distances across this vast sunburnt country.

This year Noel’s mother Lily, who is 95, has moved from her own home into residential aged care. Although frail, she is looking well, and enjoys outings to special events and family meals.

Noel continues his work in our company Aitex, as well as being Session Clerk in the Church. I have been privileged to continue in midwifery, attending two or three births a month; most in the home. This year I have increased my role in facilitating peer support groups for new mothers.

This sort of letter would be incomplete without a brief mention of our young ones – each precious to us. Miriam lives in Sydney; and works as Project Officer in a government health service. Rebecca and Alistair are setting up home in Bendigo, and Bec has transferred her employment to Bendigo. Paul, Leanne, and Poppy (who is a dear 3 ½ year old) live in Boronia, at the foot of Mount Dandenong. Josh and Anna have returned after a wonderful short-term mission experience in Cambodia, and are settling into new jobs.

Last month we celebrated Noel’s sixtieth birthday, and are thankful to God for his health. Our prayer is for wisdom as we go about our daily tasks, and the unexpected challenges that come from time to time, and for strength sufficient for each day.

With our love and prayers for God’s continued blessing on you,

Noel and Joy

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Monday, December 10, 2007

Cath, Jess, Jo



Lucy, Harry and their Ahma Marion

Our table at the wedding reception

1. Marion, Jane, Annette, Joy (four of the six otherwise known as 'the sisterhood'.)
2. Joy and Noel, Rebecca and Alistair, Margaret, Merv and Ken

Flower girl Poppy

Bec, Poppy and Mizz before the wedding

Josh and Anna escort Joy to the Church



Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Sunday, June 17, 2007


In January we drove from Melbourne to Roma (Qld), then on to Longreach, back to Roma, to Brisbane, and down the East Coast to Sydney before returning home. Took lots of photos like these from the car as we went.


We visited our Mizz in Sydney in January this year.

Grandma Johnston

Our family with Grandma and Grandpa Johnston in 1980

Noel and his sister Margaret Collier and their mother, who is now 95.


Hello from Bubbles.

introducing us

These photos have had their order mixed up since I entered them, and I don't have the technical skill to resort them, but they show:
  • some of us having lunch outside in the sunshine
  • Noel and me
  • Josh, Anna and Bec
  • Bec cutting the cake
  • Mizz and Poppy
  • Bec and Poppy in the wrap made by Leanne
  • Mizz and Poppy getting into the cake
  • boogy board rider Poppy
taken in May 2007.